Founded in 2016 with a splash of sass and in the spirit of sisterhood, Butterfly & Grace was made for women with style, sparkle, and a sense of adventure.

We create fashion that is suited for self-expression. Our carefully curated selection of handmade handbags, jewelry, and accessories inspires individuality; empowering a generation of ladies to be brave, be passionate, and to shine even in the dullest of moments.

From the markets of Morocco, to the shores of Thailand, and beyond, the eclectic line features stunning sequin, dazzling gems, and vibrant hues; a celebration of cultures near and far.

Our products are the embodiment of both skill and artistry. With exotic fabrics hand-stitched into elegant patterns, and one-of-a-kind creations brimming with personality, each original Butterfly & Grace piece is uniquely yours. Your opportunity to add your own ounce of glam to the globe, and make a statement without saying a word.

As citizens of the world, at Butterfly & Grace, we value diversity and honor our differences. Made of a moral fiber that is as colorful as it is resilient, we are dedicated to doing good, committed to decreasing our impact on the environment, and strive to spread a little kindness everywhere we go.

Real style is never right or wrong.  It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.

–G. Bruce Boyer

We invite you to join us on our journey as we embark on a mission to transform lives through a love of trends and travel; encouraging an existence full of whimsy and wanderlust. Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!